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2 Humans Had An Amazing Session!!! + Skate With Me?

[10 Oct 2004|02:29am]


my buddy, ty!!!

Skate With Me?

there you go!!!!! [27 Sep 2004|12:51am]


1 Human Had An Amazing Session!!! + Skate With Me?

hiya [06 Mar 2000|10:07pm]

[ mood | stressed ]

name-anya "the bunny girl'

so what am i up too? well too much i know my posting has been lackluster at best but many stressfull life changing events are too blame...first it was bursary then it was getting my bursary results and then.,...oh then it was starting universtiy but now that i have started universtiy i am going to be somewhat better at posting on l.j (hopefully)

im from wellington new zealand and am part of the skate surf snowboard culture here choosing to indulge myself in all three diciplines i do a little inline but mainly right now with my brand spanking new bmx (given to me by my parents at christmas) the bmx street course has become my obsession with freestyle motorX coming a sweet second.
im posting really cause you told us too and i thought hey im gonna post seeing as though this is the first ime ive really had free for a little while now


1 Human Had An Amazing Session!!! + Skate With Me?

[06 Mar 2003|12:33am]

do none of you exist anymore??

1 Human Had An Amazing Session!!! + Skate With Me?

skate parks and locals. [24 Feb 2003|06:51pm]

Hey guys, no one ever posts here so im gonna start you all up. where are you all from? and where do you all skate? anyone from Boston??


Skate With Me?

group [03 Feb 2003|04:39am]

[ mood | angry ]

damnit forgot default pic

1 Human Had An Amazing Session!!! + Skate With Me?

group [03 Feb 2003|04:39am]

i totally forgot i was part of this group....

Skate With Me?

new here [29 Aug 2002|07:50pm]

[ mood | tired ]

hi, I'm new to the community:)) erm, I'm 19, m and live ine Greece... I've just started skating again after a long (3 yr) break from the scene :)) here's a pic from my last session... gimme a break I've only been skating for like a week now :PP

cheers :D

topside sole

Skate With Me?

[25 Mar 2002|12:54pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Well, I was looking around at journals, and I saw that someone was in the community so I checked it out, and I am pleased to actually see more in-line skaters then boarders. -Cough.- I myself in-line skate. I'm fourteen years old, and I've been skating since I was about 8 years old. I take skating seriously, A bit too seriously at times. I mainly do it for fun, But I hope to someday be in the pros and what not. I'm a big time skating fan, and skater. I know I'm still very young, Which annoys me since people tend to always have something to say about people under the age of 16 most of the time. So yeah, Anyway. Just wanted to say Hi, so ... Hi, k, thnx, pZ<3 ^_^

Skate With Me?

time to introduce myself [23 Mar 2002|04:31pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

hiya well i found this journal on my travels through journal land so i thought hey why dont i post here

im a 17 year old girl turning 18 in august who is into all forms of extreme sports but mainly
and recently wakeboaring and bmxing

i have been surfing since i could string sentences together (since i was four) and have been skating
for about seven years now...there is a sense of freedom and creativity that i get when i skate that
i cant live without now.
My recent revived love in the extreme sports area has been bought on by an increased knowelge of design
and a craving to set up my own skate label aimed at offering female skaters like me good quality
gear that is not that costly in the hope of encouraging more girls to get into the sport.

i live in wellington,new zealand and will at any chance push the names of new zealand skate labels
and skaters

lately i have been having probs with my skating due to heaps and heaps of injuries particully a dance
induced injury to my knee( i do ballet too....quit laffing)

so yeah i am gonna post here from now on unless someone totally objects..in which case i will take
my sorry chick skater ass off to where i came from


Skate With Me?

[21 Mar 2002|12:21pm]

This week has been hell for me. Last weekend I had a major skate session - I drove to bury and skated there, then went home to newmarket and skated there too. I wont go into much detail about the injuries but I have been in a lot of pain this week.

I don't know what it is about skating. I do it a lot of the time, and I am pretty good - but I don't feel like a skater. My friends are constantly talking about skating and the new skates that are available but I dont care about that. My skates are five years old, but that doesnt matter to me. When I skate I forget about all the troubles in my life. I forget about everything except what move I am going to do next, or how tired I am. I dont even feel the pain from falling until after I get home. I dont know why this happens but I like it.

My skating style is very old skool - I will do and move and people will be like "Whoa! what was that?", and I'll laugh cos everyone was doing that move five years ago. There is a part of me though that wants to be a new skool skater - its these guys who get the respect even though it seems to me that their skates are doing most of the skating for them. This doesnt really matter to me though. I am lucky enough to be able to say truthfully that I skate for me.

I think that people who skate to be the best or whatever have got it wrong. The reason this sport is so great is because there are no trainers, and no coaches. You are your own coach. People knew this back when I skated, but now it's all about how good you look. The townies have started to infect our sport with their gold jewellary a greasy hair. You know the type. The ones who show up at the skate park tell everyone how great they are, and laugh at other people when they fall. Personally I think falling is a good thing to do. It reminds you that no matter how hard you try, the ground is always there to hit you in the face if you get cocky. I like to fall.

One thing that I still don't understand about the sport is why it has such a lack of female skaters. I love it when a gurl shows up at the skate park - it's such a shock. Unfortunately I dont know any female skaters that well which is a shame. These people are the only ones who can find a soft spot in my heart. I dont know if it is about the pain, or being intimidated by the guy skates or what - but all you women should skate. Dont just sit on the ramps, you need to skate! People I know are starting to skate now - one particular person (who I cant mention or I may be taken to court) has just started skating after sitting on the ramps watching for months. And that is so fantastic! I just hope he has the right attitude for skating.

One last thing - when you are on the ramps you shouldnt let people put you off. you shouldnt be embarrased because you may fall over. You need to get into your head that fact that all skaters have falled many many time and it means nothing to them if you fall.

2 Humans Had An Amazing Session!!! + Skate With Me?

hiya :) here's my introduction .. [25 Jan 2002|06:41am]

[ mood | tired ]

i usually suck at introducing myself, but my name's amy and i'm 16. i am a blader and i go to the local indoor skatepark (shebang) so much it's unhealthy. lol i live in erie, pa and i am the biggest dork you've prolly met. i am single as kraft cheese slices and i have many useless skater friends. in fact one of them has a birthday today and you can guess where were headed after school ....

Skate With Me?

[21 Sep 2001|10:59pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

i lost my skates again ]: i was gunna bring them 2 the beach this weekend like i did last time but now i cant so that means no skating for like 4 days til i come back from out of town :[!! afk crying

o btw jake if u read this.. i was gunna email u but i kinda forgot it :X but like i just wanted 2 say thanks 4 the advice w/ ross cuz i did what u said and now im alot happier. talk 2 u when i come back on sunday i think.. maybe its monday but yea anyways byesabff<3

2 Humans Had An Amazing Session!!! + Skate With Me?

[02 Sep 2001|01:10pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

after taking a shower i was sitting on the hotel bed flipping through the channels looking for something to watch while i got ready to go out. i turned to espn to see that the x-games were on. for those of you who don't know what the x-games are, they're annual extreme sports competitions run by a group of corporate, money hungry assholes who know nothing about our sports, nor care. they're the same guys who run the companies that come into our industries just to make a quick buck and get out when they think the sport is dying. well, enough about that. anyway, i thought that the x-games were on this coming week so i was surprised. there were some bmx guys and the rollerbladers were going to be on soon, so i stayed tuned. now for the point
of this rant...matt lindenmuth.
i had been skating at woodward for sessions 11 & 12, i met matt and watched him attempt his double backflip a few times during the 2 weeks i was there. everyone knew that matt wanted to land his double back at the x-games for himself and his family. it showed in both of his runs that landing it was the only thing he wanted when he had obtained a score of 40 something. the person that bothered me, and inspired me to write this, is taig khris. he went out and learned matt's signature trick to finish off his run at the x-games. it's fine that he went and learned it, but...everyone KNEW matt would be performing [and hopefully landing] the double back at the x-games, even if it did take him 5 tries to land it. taig added the trick to his run and if once wasn't enough, he did it TWICE to rub in matt's face. maybe his intent wasn't to be a dick and steal matt's moment...but ever since i saw it, i couldn't get it off my mind of how inconsiderate taig was. well, he got his prize money and his gold medal AND got to rub the 2 double backs in matt's face...so i guess he's happy. i know if someone stole my moment like that i would be mad, so speaking for myself and possibly matt...i think taig is an asshole for doing that. ok. i'm done.

1 Human Had An Amazing Session!!! + Skate With Me?

[07 Aug 2001|07:47pm]

ok, I'm not trying to complain, but the weather here is crazy. I was just watching the news and they said that last summer we had one day where it was over 90 degrees, and so far we've already had eleven. we're having weather that is expected in Florida. when it's this hot, I cant skate. I would die out there. yesterday I skated about a mile to fill out an application, cause I really need a job, and I thought I was going to die. it was one of the hottest days of the year. I have an interview tomorrow so if I get the job I'll be skating there for work everyday. this really should influence me to get my lisence...

3 Humans Had An Amazing Session!!! + Skate With Me?

[03 Aug 2001|02:00pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

u guys wanna know something? aaron feinberg is hot<3
hes my lover. me and jakez share him but hes more mine then jakes.

hehe :X

3 Humans Had An Amazing Session!!! + Skate With Me?

[02 Aug 2001|11:55am]

hi guys

1 Human Had An Amazing Session!!! + Skate With Me?

[31 Jul 2001|12:48pm]

[ mood | okay ]

I need to find some skater buddies. nobody around here is good enough to skate, or wait, are they too good to skate? maybe thats it. I'm sick of skating alone...

Skate With Me?

[30 Jul 2001|11:10am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Woohoo! Pete got another profile done! YAYEE!

please check it at:


Skate With Me?

[27 Jul 2001|08:35am]

[ mood | itchy and scratchy ]

I live in the UK, in a lil town called Newmarket. Everything in this town evolces around horse racing, it is supposed to be the center of the horse racing world.

We recently had a skate park built here. Its nothing special. A mini ramp, a couple of quarter pipes a fun box and a few gring rails. This is where I skate usually (I should get some pictures some time). I was there the other night, and apart from busting a bolt on my skates, I got bitten by thousands of bugs! argh! If you felt my head, you would feel four bumps which are where some lil bastard bit me. stoopid bugs. And they are all over my back too.

I dont know why I posted this but I did, so there ;oP

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